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Who Sucks Today? The Anaheim Ducks.

October 25, 2009

From a pissed off Ducks fan.

OK, I am going to get crap for this- but I’m pissed now. OUR DEFENSE SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. 30+ S.O.G. every night (against us). Even Whitney who makes a ton of $$ sucked it up tonight. Weak stache’ Boynton = suck. Mikkelson = SUCK. Brookbank – nonfactor. Sbisa = hype. Eminger = suck.

Ducks defense sucks

The only D that doesn’t suck on this team is Scotty and Wiz. (and even they have had some bad nights)

The D sucked so bad tonight, Jiggy broke his freakin’ hip! What is going on? Carlyle is supposed to be all about D? I hate this team right now. There is NO WAY I am going to the game on Monday to watch the worst p.o.s. team in the NHL come into our building and win. Score? Yeah we can score. The top 2 lines can score their asses off but without D our scoring doesn’t mean anything.

SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE. SOMEONE HAS TO GO. I don’t remember my Anaheim Ducks sucking this bad. Well actually, there was the last season but oh well… I’m done. Why should I pay hard earned money to watch them suck every time I go to a game. I’m going to boycott going to games until they can prove themselves.

Oh yeah- please don’t give me the bandwagon speech. No fan who watches 82 games a season (half of them in the arena) should have to watch this crap.


Take this Ducks- I will use my photo-shopping skills to mock you !! LOL

Ducks Defense Sucks.

Ducks 4
Blue Jackets 6

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