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Who Suck Today: Steve Phillips

October 26, 2009

Steve Phillips you suck!

Yes, working for the four letter network does suck, you sucked as the Mets GM, your commentary is dreadful and you cheating on your wife and mother of your children sucks.

Everything aside. What sucks the most is you decided to have an affair with this?brooke_hundley_espn_baseball_01_0005_Layer_12_full

My prediction is that you end up working at the MLB network with the other guys that got fired from ESPN. Yes, Harold Reynolds. And what did he get fired for? Sexual Harassment. Steve, here’s some advice. Next time you decide to ruin your marriage by having an affair the intern should look like this.

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  1. rolloutcafe permalink
    December 18, 2009 2:15 pm

    that makes perfect sense!…is there a difference….
    it’s all in how you look at it!
    i say the latter is much finer than the former!
    md near the oc

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