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Who Sucks Today? I don’t know anymore.

November 5, 2009

Honda Center ignores it’s new dress code policy!

by Ref You Suck

We had the Ref You Suck! crew in full force for the last Ducks game against the Pens looking for more evidence of the so-called “new dress code policy.” The strange thing is- not one person was stopped. We had about 10 people entering from different gates and no one was turned away or even warned about the shirts. We even had the cameras ready this time!

I think it’s awesome that the Honda Center adjusted their policy towards our t-shirts. We can all agree that a shirt that says “sucks” on the front isn’t offending anyone. Especially when it’s aimed at the refs! So back to work now. We were contacted by a well known nationally syndicated sports personality in Canada to talk about what happened the night of the ban. I will get that link up asap.
I’ve had a lot of interest in throwing another ref-rally. I’ve even had emails from fans of other teams in the NHL about helping them out with their own protests!
Send rally requests to
Here are some pics a friend took of the Anaheim ref-rally.

Gettin’ hassled by the MAN.

This was when the guards took us away from the line and told us the shirts had been banned due to “new policy.” It’s sort of strange how fast policies can change, huh?

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