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Who Sucks Today? Drug dealing referees from Spain!

November 18, 2009

Spain: The drug dealing referee


A former Second Division referee has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of masterminding a national-scale drugs trafficking operation. Eduardo Perez Izquierdo was recently arrested with eight other suspects after police uncovered a massive cocaine haul in Madrid.

According to reports, the referee’s role in this was to coordinate the movements of all the operations undertaken by the gang in exchange for a commission.

Last week, the Basque police (Ertzaintza) along with the Civil Guard intercepted a 4.5 kilo cocaine shipment in Madrid’s Barajas airport that is believed to be linked to this arrest.

The investigation began by following a woman in charge of contacting distributors in Bolivia. After seizeing a shipment of 5 kilos of cocaine in September the network reached the referee Perez Izquierdo.

The shipment was found at the home of a relative of Perez Izquierdo along with three handguns, a rifle, computer equipment and 2,000 euros in cash.

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