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Who Sucks Today? People who freak out in the office.

February 8, 2010

and finally- the guy who thinks it’s funny to photocopy his ass…



Who Sucks Today? Tall Soccer Players or Short Refs?

February 8, 2010

tall soccer player
Soccer Referees Hate the Tall Guys
Many of soccer’s greatest players have been small fries. Diego Maradona is only 5’5″. Lionel Messi (pictured) is 5’7″. Pele towers over both of them at 5’8″. According to new research, these little guys have, in addition to their superhuman quickness and skill, an extra advantage: Shrimps get all the calls.

Niels van Quaquebeke and Steffen R. Giessner, researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, compiled refereeing data from seven seasons of the German Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League, as well as three World Cups (123,844 fouls in total), and showed that on average the perpetrators of fouls were about one-third of an inch taller than the victims. When two players were involved in illicit contact, the referee was more likely to call an infraction against the taller guy, especially as the height difference increased. When the disparity was relatively small, less than two inches, the smaller players got the call 52% of the time. But when one player had at least 3.9 inches on the other, the taller one was whistled about 59% of the time.

The researchers admit that taller players could just be bigger, stronger, and more likely to foul, but they also argue that an unconscious bias is involved in the referee’s decisions. To strengthen the claim, they performed an additional study in which sports fans were shown pictures of players of differing heights running toward the ball and were told that one of them ended up on the ground. When the smaller player hit the turf, fans were more likely to assume that he hadn’t taken a dive but had been fouled Austin Kelley
Height Bias?

A new study shows that when two soccer players are involved in a collision, the taller player is more likely to get called for the foul.
1-5 cm 52.0%
6-10 cm 55.4%
> 10 cm 58.8%
Avg. Height of Perpetrator Avg. Height of Victim
182.4 cm 181.5 cm

Who Sucks Today? NFL fines at MMA fights

February 8, 2010

NFL: League will not fine Ryan
Associated Press

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan will not be fined by the NFL for making an obscene gesture at a mixed-martial- arts event last weekend.

League spokesman Greg Aiello said yesterday that Ryan would not face additional discipline by the NFL after the Jets fined him $50,000 on Tuesday.

The coach was caught on a cell phone camera flipping his middle finger at a fan during the MMA competition in Sunrise, Fla., on Saturday night. The image of Ryan quickly spread across the Internet and made its way onto the back pages of New York tabloids.

Ryan apologized the next day in a statement, calling his actions “stupid and inappropriate.”

Who Sucks Today? Hockey fans who steal sticks from little kids.

November 24, 2009

As some of you have recently heard, the Anaheim Ducks have severed all ties with Mike V. after the stick-scuffle last week. I don’t know if it was right or wrong to react as he did- but as a parent myself, I probably would’ve done the same if I were in his shoes. The hockey stick was intended for Mikes daughter and he was right to step up to the a-hole who tried to take it.

I looked up to Mike V. back in the 90’s when I used to skate. I felt like I should step up and support him and urge you to do the same. Please sign the petition and forward to your friends.

To sign the petition click here

For the newspaper article click here

free mike v

Who Sucks Today? Devin Hester’s Ass

November 23, 2009

May I suggest a pair of compression shorts?

Who Sucks Today? Drug dealing referees from Spain!

November 18, 2009

Spain: The drug dealing referee


A former Second Division referee has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of masterminding a national-scale drugs trafficking operation. Eduardo Perez Izquierdo was recently arrested with eight other suspects after police uncovered a massive cocaine haul in Madrid.

According to reports, the referee’s role in this was to coordinate the movements of all the operations undertaken by the gang in exchange for a commission.

Last week, the Basque police (Ertzaintza) along with the Civil Guard intercepted a 4.5 kilo cocaine shipment in Madrid’s Barajas airport that is believed to be linked to this arrest.

The investigation began by following a woman in charge of contacting distributors in Bolivia. After seizeing a shipment of 5 kilos of cocaine in September the network reached the referee Perez Izquierdo.

The shipment was found at the home of a relative of Perez Izquierdo along with three handguns, a rifle, computer equipment and 2,000 euros in cash.

Who Suck Today? Jay Cutler

November 14, 2009

Ref You Suck usually examines the short comings and mistakes of referees and umpires. However, we’re not advocates for excessive abuse of the zebras. Jay Cutler was hit with a $20,000 fine from the NFL for verbal abuse toward a game official in Thursday nights game vs the 49ers.

Since joining the Chicago Bears, Cutler’s 76 quarterback rating is among the lowest in the league. Not to mention, he leads the league with 17 interceptions.